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Silent Drum

Produced 2016


Silent Drum explores the value of freedom within the cultures we belong to. 

Exploring voices and bodies forced into silence, the performance strikes a blow for those who are oppressed and reduced by old ideologies. How do we evolve within a culture that doesn´t allow change? Crossing borders of cultures and traditions, the performance moves beyond race and gender. Choreographed by Tendai Makurumbandi and Nasser Mhende.


Dancers: Tendai Makurumbandi, Nasser Mhende, Hege Lauritzen Elisabeth B Ludwig, Isabell Bartnes Johansen

Choreography: Tendai Makurumbandi / Nasser Mhende

Sound/Musician: Øystein Sandbukt

Costume: Tendai Makurumbandi, Nasser Mhende

Scenography: Gina Garnaas and Nasser Mhende

Supported by: Arts and culture Norway

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