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Dis(placed) Shadows

Produced 2022


Dis(placed) Shadows explores shadows as metaphors and their deep reality that haunts us. Influenced by lived and inherited experiences, the performance examines our abilities to renew and transform the way we identify ourselves.


Instead of focusing on limitations, exploitation and fragmentation, Dis(placed) Shadows examines what it means to philosophize and perform beyond strictly set boundaries, and highlights the space of possibilities that exists there.


Can we quake the borders that divides us, and allow our shadows to interact?


Dancers / Performers: Andrea Barrett, Sudesh Adhana, Ole Marius Støle,Synne Erichsen, Victor A. O. Pedersen.

Choreography: Tendai M Makurumbandi

Sound composer: Mikkel Alvheim Åse

Advisor: Hooman Sharifi

Costume and scenography design: Peny Spanou

Co-producer/s: DansIT Koreografisksenter, Operaen I Kristiansund

Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council, Fond For Utøvende kunstner


Photos by: Juliane Schütz

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