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My song

In creation, premiers September 2023. 


My SONG explores altered continuation and relational identity formations of the marginalized. Through call and response as a quality of being different together, the performance resists the shared modernity of colonialism that maintains dominance of one over the other.


The performance moves past normative ways of sensing, and revives the absent references that borne identities, circling from the unknown into a spirit known only in form of a song sung into existence.


Dance and choreography: Tendai Makurumbandi

Musicians: Jo Inge Nes, Jimu Makurumbandi

Composer: Mikkel Alvheim Åse

Costume design and scenography: Peny Spanou

Supported by: Arts and Culture Norway, Fond for utøvende kunstner (FFUK), Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune.

Co-produced by: Operaen I Kristiansund, In2IT International Dance Festival and CODA Oslo International Dance Festival.

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