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A short dance film by Tendai Makurumbandi​

Created 2021. 


A predicament movement in attempt to capture and probe the full sense of freedom, reverberating from the heritable distresses of the past. The choreographer/performer challenges white supremacy and the ideologies depicted by the sculptures in Vigeland park in Oslo, sculptures of old white man, who has been a symbol and a reference of power for centuries.


As an artist coming from minority background, existing in contemporary times where we strive to create space for the othered, how do I make my voice heard and my body seen within these given constructs and abstracts?


Dancers / Performers: Tendai Makurumbandi

Voice and Text: Tendai Makurumbandi

Sound composer: Bawren Tavaziva, Sondre Birkeland

Edited by:  Tendai Makurumbandi

Location: Vigeland park, Oslo

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