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Exploring Shadows and perspectives

The moment of realization - How did I end up fascinated with shadows as metaphor?

Man and woman dancing blindfolded
Blind folded dance

Exploring shadows and perspectives

I remember exploring bodily senses during the development of Dis(placed) shadows, which at the time was my Master in Choreography project. I explored the body with dancers blind folded, restricting the dominant sense of sight, activating the other senses in the process.

In that process, the dancers explored being in and out of an experience. Exploring shadows and perspectives while improvising blind folded, and then tried the same material with eyes open. From that exploration, I realised that I was interested in transformation of perspectives.

What happens when you approach a situation from multiple perspectives through working or operating within and outside of it, either as an actor or active observer.

Shifting perspectives changes understanding

It all shifted my understanding and attention to personal stories that we embody. The question of interest was; how to use choreography to release those stories?

This inspired my interest in shadows as metaphor. How a single story has the potential to become plural from multiple perspectives and forms of existence.

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