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Demystifying Dance: The Importance of Engaging with Choreographic Works

Updated: Jun 20

In the vast expanse of the artistic universe, preferences bloom like flowers, each unique in its beauty and appeal. It's a mosaic of tastes and inclinations that defines the rich tapestry of creativity that surrounds us. Yet, nestled within this diversity lies a challenge - the challenge of exploring beyond the familiar, of delving into realms untrodden.


My choreographic works may not whisper the melodies that resonate with your soul or paint the pictures that stir your spirit. They may stand as a deviation from your accustomed path, a silent call to venture beyond the confines of what you know. And therein lies the essence of the invitation I extend to you - the invitation to embrace the unfamiliar, to dance on the edge of the known and the unexplored.


For it is in the divergence from our usual tastes that we find the true essence of growth and understanding. By immersing yourself in my choreographic works, you pen a new chapter in your artistic odyssey. Each graceful turn, each impassioned leap, carries with it a whisper of the stories untold, the emotions uncharted. It beckons you to traverse the landscapes of human experience, to walk in the shoes of another, if only for a fleeting moment.


Beyond the confines of personal preference lies a vast expanse of empathy and enlightenment. Through the lens of art, we glimpse the kaleidoscope of human existence, painted in hues of diversity and nuance. So, let us set sail on this voyage of discovery together, guided by the wind of curiosity and the compass of open-mindedness.


In this dance of shadows and light, of rhythm and stillness, let us find a common ground—a shared appreciation for the boundless potential of artistic expression. For in the end, it is not about the flavor of the tea, but the communion of souls through the language of movement and grace.


So, take my hand, dear colleague, and let us waltz through the corridors of creativity.

For in this symphony of differences, we may just find the harmony that unites us all.

Photo: Lars Opstad



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